Of course, I mentioned that I have six xhildren, right?  Four girls and two boys. My oldest daughter Ashley is headed to college. Of course she decides to go to Savannah State which is ten HOURS away from us…and we looked at the dorms and almost Passed Out…but thats besides the point. I am going to let her deal with the choices she has made.
Anyhow, I was doing all of her financial AIDE paperwork: I actually filed MY OWN taxes for the first time (I am getting a refund, *yay*) and was submitting everything, when I got the BRILLIANT Idea to enroll myself. All kinds of things were going through my head: Maybe, I could get financaial aide. Maybe, I could use what I learn in school and use it to successfully run our new 501c3 Non-profit Organization, called Light of Life (LOL) Youth Empowerment Org. (I will talk later about how that all came about. ) And I also thought: well, I AM telling the kids that education is important, right? So why havent I finished mine?

Granted, I got pregnant at 16, graduated with a baby. I started college at 21, and couldnt finish because I was pregnant with my 4th baby, and had NO HELP with childcare. But I got a few credits and thought: maybe, just maybe…now that my youngest is 9 years old: I can actually study. 

I have accomplished alot with 6 kids by the way: started a business, bought several investment properties, written lots of poems,  working on a couple novesl, and screenplays. Worked heavily in ministry and Volunteered at a Crisi Pregnancay Center for a few years. Also,  we teach abstinence program in the public schools, and also mentor many teens. So its not like Im sitting around with nothing to do.  But when I get inspired and motivated to do something: I want to just go for it.  I dont want to be one of those people that walks in fear of the unknown. I want to DO, DREAM, and ACCOMPLISH!

So…back to my story. I filled out the FAFSFA for Financial Aide. I applied to the college, and I set up my ACT’s. They told me I need those to get in. Either those or the COMPASS exam, and I figured since my second oldest daughter Briana is a senior, I could enroll her for the ACT;s and we can study together. Briana can barely tolerate me, but I’m sure we can manage to study together without a fight breaking out,  (or can we?) And she has alwasy been an Honors, AP student, and she could be helpful.

(although I DID brag to her after enrolling that I would get a better score than she will, so she may not want to help me after all….smh!!)

Okay, I am enrolled. Now time to look for grants and loans. ACTs are September 11th, so I have a month and a half to study. Seeing as I havent studied in 13 years, this ought to be interesting!


Hello world!

Okay!! I have never blogged before…so here goes…*grabbing nose, jumping in*
I am truly unique. There is no other Myckelle. (go head and Google it if you dont believe me) I’m a wife of 18 years and mother of six. (I know I look about 19-but thats just part of my blessings…lol) My life is hectic and chaotic to say the least. As you will probably see…

I wanted to blog for two reasons: 1) We just uprooted the whole family from Atlanta to start a youth center in Tennessee, and the building: soon to be called “The Lifehouse”  should be closing soon. The kids are upset, and we are trying to help them adjust. But Im upset too..its been a month and we still are displaced!  But I want to write an account of the entire process because I know that it will be amazing and inspiring to others…

…and 2) because yesterday I applied for COLLEGE!! I am sending my two oldest to college, and decided: well, why not? I always stress the importance of education…so I need to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, right?
I want to inspire mothers such as myself to get an education no matter what else is going on. I will be charting progress, and hints, tips, and suggestions, as well as my own mistakes along the way. Hopefully this will help another mother who is considering doing the same.
Our mothers group on Facebook is MEGGAmoms.

MEGGA stands for: Motivate, Educate, Guidance, Growth and Achievement!! Which is what I strive to do on a global scale. This ought to be interesting…
Fasten your seatbelt…Hop on the journey with me…and let’s learn something…:)